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Cactus South Lake Union

Private Parties

Main Floor Private Dining Room

The main floor private room at Cactus South Lake Union (in the heart of Amazon Campus in Downtown Seattle) offers great value and flexibility. This room provides a great view into the bar, yet still remains private.  With its own fireplace and flexible setup, this smaller room can comfortably seat up to 8 for dinner at one table and accommodate up to 15 for a social mixer. Simply call and make a reservation.

Main Floor Private Dining Photos

Mezzanine Level Private Dining Room

Perfect For A Celebration.

For seated dinners of 32 or stand-up parties of up to 45, we offer our mezzanine level private dining room. Perfect for celebrations, this room features a fireplace, private bar, and a 60-inch flat screen monitor for presentations. For evening events we have a $500 minimum for a 3 hour event Sunday-Thursday. Friday night carries a $1200 minimum while Saturday night is $750. (Minimums between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day: $750 for Sunday-Thursday nights, $2000 minimum for Friday and Saturday nights, rates are subject to change on holidays or special events). Lunch time events require a minimum of $750 and all events require a non-refundable $250 deposit to secure the room.  This is not an extra charge or “room fee”, we’ll apply the deposit to your bill the evening of the event. We require one check and add a 20% service fee. This room features personalized event coordination and a dedicated service staff

Mezzanine Level Catering Options

Get Started With One Of These Basic Setups

Appetizers & Cocktails

An after work, before dinner event with light bites and delicious drinks.  This is a great space for a social mixer as we have seats for 25 plus standing room around bar height tables for another 15-20.  We’ll work with you to craft an appetizer menu that meets your budget.  We can also create a drink menu that offers something for everyone. If you want to limit alcohol consumption or control your budget, we’re happy to make drink vouchers for you.

Appetizer & Cocktail Configuration

Lunch Buffet

This is the perfect option for up to 32 guests.  Since there’s no ordering, this is a great option for a team looking to get away from the office—yet still hoping to talk shop.  We can get you in, and out, in under 45 minutes.

Lunch Buffet Configuration


Dinner Buffet & Cocktails

Designed for fun and socializing, this configuration can accommodate up to 40 people. We will work with you to develop a menu of platters that meets your tastes and your budget. Our buffet table is setup and replenished in small batches throughout your event by our chefs. This ensures that your food stays fresh and well-stocked. This is our most popular option because it offers such a great variety of tastes and textures for your guests—everybody is happy.

See Margarita Mixology Class

Dinner Buffet & Cocktail Configuration

Seated Dinner

For a more formal event we can host a complete seated dinner. In this configuration, we can accommodate up to 32 guests.  We’ll work with you to create a special menu for the even that offers something for everyone..  With this option our guests often choose to have a  “cocktail hour” prior to the event.  While it’s usually not a full hour, it gives your guests a chance to socialize before sitting down for dinner.  Best of all, we can set up a small appetizer buffet to provide some light bites while you are talking.

Seated Dinner Configuration