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Margarita Mixology

Tequila 101 Class For Your Next Event

Margarita Mixology

Are you looking for a way to create a unique event? Would you like people to talk about your event long after it’s over? This fun, informative and interactive class will surprise and delight your guests.

“The margarita making class was a great add-on activity for our private dinner at Cactus—it was a great value and a fun departure from the norm for our group. ”

—Shane McArthur, Pandora Radio

Tequila 101 & Margarita Making Class

Everyone has a bad college experience that somehow involved tequila. As a result, people can be hesitant about tequila later on in life. Back in the day, all you could get was Don Pancho Gold tequila—which barely qualifies as real tequila. Today, tequila is widely recognized as the most nuanced spirit of them all. Like wine (and unlike gin or vodka), where and how it was made completely changes the end result—it’s the notion of “terroir”. We’d love the opportunity to share our passion for this great spirit with you and your guests.

Of course, tequila is the necessary precursor for the greatest cocktail of them all—The Margarita. If there is anything we understand, it’s how to make an amazing margarita—and nothing gives us more pleasure than to make margaritas on a hot summer day. In this class, we’ll teach you how to make “the perfect margarita”. Your friends and family will be impressed with your new found skills! We’ll provide the tools and instruction and you’ll practice your new “craft” by making a margarita to enjoy. We’ll send each person home with a great recipe and reference card as well as their own bottle of agave nectar so they can start “practicing” right away.