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Cactus Party Pick Up

Our family style catering menu is perfect for your home parties, family events, backyard barbecues and Super Bowl Sundays. Let us take care of the cooking. You can pick up everything from any of our locations in Seattle, Kirkland or Bellevue. Cactus Party Pickup keeps your guests and your budget happy.

Party Pickup Menu

Small Serves up to 12 people
Regular Serves up to 20 people


Cilantro, lime, onion, serrano chiles, with pico de gallo and warm chips and salsa $28 / $48

Chips & Salsa
Warm homemade corn chips and Cactus salsa casera $18 / 30

Spicy Ahi Tacos
Spicy baja “poke,” red onion, smoked fresno aioli, avocado, crisp corn tortilla $60 / $108

Grilled Jalapeños
Herbed goat cheese, bacon, buttermilk crema $30 / $50


Casa Salad
Mixed greens, verduras, roasted pumpkin seeds, coriander pasilla vinaigrette $27 / $44

Spiced Caesar
Romaine hearts, spicy cotija croutons, black beans, roasted corn, smoky Caesar dressing $30 / $51

Smoked Chicken Chop Chop
Romaine hearts, bacon, red pepper, radish, olives, panela cheese, garbanzo beans, pico de gallo, pepitas, cotija cheese, chipotle-balsamic vinaigrette $39 / $63


Rolled traditional style, and served with Spanish rice and cumin black beans.

Blue corn tortillas, shredded chicken, jack cheese, tomatillo salsa, sour cream $125 / $205

Prawns, bay scallops, pacific snapper, blue corn tortillas, jack cheese, sherry-tomatillo cream sauce $153 / $257

Blue corn tortillas, roasted chicken, house-made chorizo, spicy green chile sauce, cream, pico de gallo
$132 / $215

Butternut Squash
White corn tortillas, jack and goat cheese, sautéed spinach, roasted butternut caramelized onions, mole rojo guacamole $132 / $215

Chile-Braised Brisket
White corn tortillas apple-wood smoked brisket, jack cheese, tomatillo salsa $132 / $218

Cactus Fajitas

Served with caramelized onions, guacamole, sour cream, jack cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, and warm flour tortillas. Served with Spanish rice and cumin black beans.
Portobello-vegetable escabeche $126 / $211
Grilled Prawns $140/ $233
Skirt Steak $156 / $260
Grilled chicken $133 / $218


Build your own taco bar! All tacos served with corn tortilla, Spanish rice, and cumin black beans.

Braised Brisket
Chile braised, apple-wood smoked brisket, cascabel salsa, red onion escabeche, jack cheese $145 / $242

Chicken breast, lettuce, jack cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, buttermilk crema $139 / $231

Achiote pork roasted in banana leaves, caramelized pineapple, cotija cheese, cilantro, red onions escabeche $139 / $231

Ask about our current seasonal offering $132 / $220

Burritos – $10 each

Warm flour tortilla filled with Spanish rice, black beans, jack cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, charred tomato salsa.
Choice of:
Chile Braised Brisket
Shredded Chicken
Vegetable Escabeche
Spicy Diablo Prawns


Cinnamon-sugar dusted $15 / $25

Spiced Chocolate Brownies
Cinnamon + cajeta $30 / $50