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Cactus Restaurants

Job Fair: Work with Cactus in Tacoma!

We are hosting open interviews for all positions at the new Cactus Restaurant located in the Proctor neighborhood of Tacoma. Please stop by and say hello and drop off a resume—or stay for an interview if you have time. We look forward to meeting you.

Job Fair Times

Tuesday, March 12th 9AM – 4PM
Friday, March 15th  9AM – 4PM

Monday, March 18th 9AM – 4PM
Tuesday, March 19th 9AM – 4PM


Madison 25 Building
3911 N. 25th Street
Tacoma, WA 98406

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Tacoma Photo

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Check For Snow Closures and Delayed Openings

Here’s the current state of open hours for Tuesday, February 12th.

Kirkland: Normal operating hours expected today
Alki: Normal operating hours expected today
Madison: Normal operating hours expected today
SLU: Normal operating hours expected today
Bellevue: Normal operating hours expected today

Going forward (after closing early today), we EXPECT TO RESUME NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS.

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We Invite Veterans & Active Duty Military to Enjoy a Meal on Us

We do this to honor, in a very small way, our own SPC Jodi Buschko (shown below) and every person who has shown the tremendous commitment, sacrifice, and heroism it takes to serve and protect our great country.


Cactus Restaurants says Thank You to America’s heroes by offering a free entrée to all Veterans and Active Duty Military members on Veterans Day (Sunday, November 11, 2018). This offer is valid to U.S. Military Veterans and active military members who show valid military ID. No purchase necessary. Dine in only please.

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Proud To Be Green – We are an EnviroStar!

Over the years, we’ve been proud to lead our industry in many areas. For example, in 1992 we were among the first restaurants in the country to ban smoking. The state of Washington made it official in 2005.

We were recently nominated by the City of Kirkland to go through the EnviroStar accreditation process. We were vetted by this consortium of public works agencies and just heard the great news that we are, indeed, still a leader, change agent and, now, officially, an “EnviroStar”.

What Does This Mean?

It confirms that we follow environmentally-friendly business practices, like:

  • Composting all our food scraps to reduce our waste and methane gas production in the landfills
  • Farming locally, using compost made from our own food scraps
  • Sourcing locally wherever possible to reduce emissions
  • Choosing recycled-content paper and reducing the amount that we print (we are currently working on technology that will allow us to avoid printing your bill at the end of the meal—while this sounds small, it’s a huge deal actually).
  • Switching to compostable straws and togo packaging.

Additionally, we’ve made our buildings more sustainable by:

  • Replacing all of our lighting with LEDs
  • Installing low-flow aerators in faucets and low flow toilets and urinals in our washrooms to reduce our water use
  • Changing out equipment regularly to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, low energy, water saving dishwashers (huge drivers of waste in our industry). Moving to hot water on demand vs. Holding and heating huge tanks of water.
  • Using sensor-activated lights that turn off when rooms are not in use to reduce our energy use

It’s important to us to help keep Washington’s water and air clean, and to run our business in a way that protects the environment we all share. Running our business sustainably keeps our employees safe (and happy!) and helps the environment—its just the right thing to do, yet we are still proud to receive this recognition.

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How To Make The Cactus Margarita

The Seattle Weekly once called this “Seattle’s Best Margarita”. Fresh lime is the key ingredient here, we squeeze ours fresh daily. If you want to make some at home, download our handy Cactus Margarita Cheat Sheet and learn how to shake like a pro. Additional recipes for Margarita Party Pitchers and the crowd-plasing Party Bowl. ¡Salud!