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Join Us In Welcoming The New Cactus To Bellevue Square

Friends & Family Events

We are hosting a dinner on Thursday, June 20th and a lunch on Friday, June 21st and would be honored if you could attend. This will be our very first chance to make food and provide service in the new space. You are being invited since we know you’ll be nice if we make a small mistake or your food takes a few minutes longer than it should to arrive at your table. The purpose of this meal is to give us a chance to work out the kinks during our first true test.

This event will be free of charge and with that will come some limitations on what you can order—but, hey, it’ll still be fun and you won’t beat the price! More than anything, we’re just happy to share the restaurant with you prior to opening.

Reserve your spot and join us in Bellevue!